VÖGELE releases its smallest extending screed to date

The new extending screed from VÖGELE, with a basic width of just 1.1 m, is the smallest screed from the road paver manufacturer. Ideal for paving narrow paths, paving between tram rails or paving in milled tracks, the AB 200 extending screed has a basic width of 1.1 m and extends hydraulically up to 2 m. This gives the new screed a basic width 10 cm narrower than the existing AB 220 and facilitates high-precision paving projects in extremely cramped conditions. Using a special system for pave width reduction, users can also implement pave widths of just 0.5 m, as well as achieve a pave width of up to 3.2 m using bolt-on extensions. Together with the slightly larger AB 220, VÖGELE covers the entire range of pave widths for small construction projects. The ro

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